Biometric Readers

FaceX Access THQ1-QR

THQ1-QR is an all-in-one device which combines instant thermal scanning, liveness detection with a professional face recognition access control & attendance system. With its slim form factor and rapid recognition speed, THQ1-QR is the perfect partner for our speedgates and flapgates, and can be deployed at commercial buildings, airports,campuses, factories and event facilities to boost access control and security protection in one simple move.

Main Features

  • Dual cameras liveness detection, dynamic face tracking even under strong backlight environment
  • Up to 100,000 faces and 90,000 records
  • Supports front-end personnel registration,equipment configuration and record query
  • Supports extension modules for QR code, ID cards, 4G network and thermal detection*
  • More accurate recognition with video surveillance grade built-in low light sensor
  • Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 and RISC-V MCU
  • 8-inch full viewing angle HD display
  • Customized voice playback
  • Supports remote upgrade
  • IP66
  • Installation mode:Wall-mounted/Vertical *


*Dependent on mode!