Biometric Readers

FaceX Access FXA-D6

FXA-D6 is an all-in-one solution which combines instant scanning, live warning alarms and our professional face recognition access control and attendance system. Alarms can be set to go off in real-time to ensure maximum safeguard and protection for employees returning to the workplace.

Main Features

  • Access control and attendance with face recognition
  • Fast recognition speed, 1: N Accuracy rate above 99.7%
  • Dual cameras and liveness detection
  • Able to store important evidence and records
  • Supports 30,000 human faces
  • Supports UI interface configuration function
  • Supports infrared fill light, LED white fill light
  • IPS 8-inch full vision LCD monitor
  • Two-way dual-tone cavity speakers (8R/1W)
  • Supports remote upgrade
  • IP65
  • Wall-mounted, Vertical