iScholar Smart Campus Management

We believe in every student’s unique potential. We believe teachers deserve more time to teach. And we believe, with the right tools, students and teachers can be given more time to concentrate on what matters most for learning outcomes. And less time is spent worrying about paperwork and admin.  
Built on our decades of experience working with educational institutions and our strong R&D capabilities, iScholar is our latest smart school management platform which can help simplify the management of your campus.

Campus smart management

From the management of class room utilization, the scheduling of personalized timetables, class attendance recording, organization of teachers’ timetables, as well as the circulation of exciting campus news and interaction with parents, iScholar can step-up your school’s management efficiency and boost your students’ learning experience.


    iWave – The Smart Tablet Designed For Education 



Main Features

· Attendance for students and teachers                                                    · Supports campus information

   Real-time attendance reports for students and teachers                        Supports web browsers and Wechat instant notification

   at your finger tips



· Encourage a collaborative culture                                                           · Supports elective course systems

   Boost the confidence of students by praising good work                      Ensures the efficient allocation of school resources, simplifying

   and achievements                                                                                         school management






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