A reliable room booking and visitor management system is an essential productivity toolkit for any organization.


An integrated booking system for hybrid workspaces

Today flexible working and hybrid workspaces are becoming popular choices. Give your team the flexibility to choose where they meet, where they sit to get the most out of team work and their time. Allow staff or even visitors to reserve a room or a desk multiple days or even weeks in advance. 


Remain in control of your spaces

Retain the power to set aside private meeting rooms or allocate permanent seat assignment to specific employees while they are in the office, whilst discovering the new ability to free up resources when they are no longer needed so no space is wasted. Manage rooms and bookings all on your mobile phone and view insightful big data analysis all on the same platform. 


Highly cost effective investment for an organization

Often your organization’s visitor and conference room booking system will be the first window through which your visitors and employees get to know how your organization operates. An easy and secure visitor registration process followed by smooth access to a conference meeting room will set a professional tone for your organization and become one of the most cost effective investments your organization will make.



Main Features ⭐



     Room Booking       Hot Desk Booking       Support & Service       Visitor Management 



—————     iPlatform Room Booking System Advantage     —————



For Various Industries



        Co-working space/Office                                Government facility                                      Education venue

Efficient room booking can greatly reduce                    You can make reservation on                      You can reserve the venues/facilities on

room vacancy rate,opening up new sources           courts/pitches, activity rooms and                 a recurrent basis of weekly, bi-weekly or 

of finance and cutting down expenditure                  other government leisure facilities                    monthly arrangement for up to a year

with effective utilization of space resources         with a few clicks on the booking display



                        Hotel                                                   Sport center                                                Event venue

The display shows clearly all the same-day         You can manage studios of multiple                      The system can be installed and 

events, hotel guests can easily reach their          centers at the same time, showing clearly           applied in a wide range of venues from 

destinations following the directions on             when and where the classes are, without                conference rooms to gaming rooms

                        the display                                            confusing the cross-center users                                         


Flexible Solutions

We provide Cloud License and On-Premises License solution for different purposes. 

We can also provide integration service for your existing systems on demand.


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