Swift Guard SW3

  • Supports IC and CPU card modules
  • Supports CPU, SIM, IC, ID, encrypted cards,bank cards, custom cards and other card typesIndication light
  • LED
  • Standard 86 box
  • iPlatform

iPlatform Room Booking System

  • Plug-and-play 5 point Multi-Touch display
  • Crisp contrast.High readability
  • Bilt-in camera and speakers
  • Android SoC processor.Native and web apps
  • Easy installation with PoE+ technology

BluPass Reader

  • Mobile access control
  • Supports online/offline modes
  • With black and white list features to enhance security and flexibility
  • Professional AES security encryption
  • Syncs access control data with attendance records through iPlatform
  • Mobile attendance and leave application

FaceX Thermal THQ1-QRT

  • Dual cameras liveness detection, dynamic face tracking even under strong backlight environment
  • Up to 100,000 faces and 90,000 records
  • Supports front-end personnel registration,equipment configuration and record query
  • Supports extension modules for QR code, ID cards, 4G network and thermal detection*
  • More accurate recognition with video surveillance grade built-in low light sensor

FaceX Thermal FXA-D6T

  • Access control and attendance with face recognition
  • Infrared thermal camera
  • Fast recognition speed, 1: N Accuracy rate above 99.7%
  • Dual cameras and liveness detection
  • Mask detection smart AI
  • Real-time reminder to wear a mask

The Frog

  • Access control security ready on-the-go, making events and outdoor functions secure yet easy to manage
  • Cable-free operation via NFC wireless and Bluetooth technologies
  • Real-time synchronisation and sharing of data between the “Frog” and multiple mobile devices and server
  • Secure data transmission through mutual-authentication and HTTPS protocol

Touchable Trust TT

  • Vibrant 5.6 inch full color touch screen
  • CAN BUS, RS422, RS485 and Wiegand connection
  • Supports two-factor authentication (access card + password)
  • Duress code support
  • Tamper-proof support
  • Supports Mifare, Mifare+, HID, iClass and Desfire

Home Guard H1

  • Face recognition technology
  • Supports two-factor authentication (face / access card / password)
  • Wireless standalone operation without the need for hard-wiring or backend software
  • Vibrant full color touch screen viewable even in harsh outdoor environments and poor light conditions
  • TCP/IP, WiFi, *Bluetooth(Optional) and RS485 enabled
  • Supports face attendance and face access control

NeX Guard N1

  • Exceptionally robust for mounting onto various surfaces or materials
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Supports two factor authentication (access card and password)
  • Duress Code support
  • Wiegand, RS485 and RS422 connection
  • IP65 standard

NeX Guard N3

  • Elegant and compact design
  • Exceptionally robust for mounting onto various surfaces or materials
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Wiegand, RS485 and RS422 connection
  • Supports Mifare, HID, iClass, CPU and EM
  • IP65 standard

Digital Guard D3

  • Universal open format
  • Dual color LED
  • Alarm tone
  • Supports RS485、RS422、Wiegand communication
  • Less than 0.1 second
  • Online IAP support
  • Antistatic

QR Guard QR3

  • Supports QR code on mobile phones and paper
  • Can handle QR codes that are partially damaged, obscured or in a different color
  • Robust against reflections
  • System lights in red, green and white to clearly indicate system status
  • Supports TCP/IP communication ports
  • Easy to install

Zim Access ZA1

  • Secure end-to-end encryption in data communication
  • CAN BUS and 485 connection
  • Supports two factor authentication (access card and password)
  • High contrast 3 inch LCD display
  • Duress code support

Access Trust AT3

  • End-to-end encryption in communication channel
  • CAN BUS, Wiegand and 485 connection
  • Thunder and static electricity protection
  • Supports Mifare, HID

Mini Guard M2

  • Ultra slim and compact in size
  • Elegant design and engineering
  • Wiegand, RS485 and RS422 connection
  • Supports Mifare, HID and EM

Desktop Reader DTR(II)

  • USB connection
  • Windows standard DLL providing function, call for all Mifare Card
  • Simple windows based interface
  • Multi-Language for multi users
  • Individual key programming for each sector
  • Double-key control, increase the security grade

Visitor Management System

  • Supports advance invitations and adhoc visitor registration
  • Supports real-time photo snapshot and ID verification
  • Fully integrated with access control system, visitors can be granted immediate access rights on registration, including using their face as the key
  • Color RGB, TFT 11.6-inch, IPS HD, resolution 1366 x 768, display ratio 16: 9
  • G + G capacitive multi-touch screen, hardened and scratch resistant
  • High-speed scanner: purpose-built camera, 8 million pixels, high definition, high resolution

BluPass Go

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Mobile Clock-in/Clock-out
  • Bluetooth reading range:0.1 ~ 10m
  • Can be simply placed or fixed to a desk, wall or surface

MIFARE Classic Smart Card

  • Proprietary format
  • Full compliance with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
  • Widely compatible

MIFARE Plus Smart Card

  • Proprietary format
  • Uses the same data management protocol as MIFARE Classic
  • Multiple security level options available
  • Supports 128-bit AES

MIFARE DESFire Smart Card

  • Proprietary format
  • Rapid data transfer rate
  • Complies with DES, 3DES and AES
  • Four types of storage capacity

HID Proximity Smart Card


  • Contactless smart card
  • Compatible with 125KHz HID standard technology


HID iCLASS Smart Card

  • Contactless smart card
  • Compatible with 125KHz HID standard technology

EMx Card Smart Card

  • Proprietary format
  • Operates at 125KHz