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BluPass Reader

Our latest all-in-one BluPass Reader BP3 is a smart mobile access control device designed with IoT technology in mind. The BluPass Reader works seamlessly with our BluPass mobile app and iPlatform through various communication protocols such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee and TCP/IP network to provide a truly smart, flexible and professional mobile solution. The device encompasses the functionality of a controller and supports online/offline operations, complex shift combinations, all with AES security encryption. The BluPass Reader is a smart choice for any modern enterprise. Shake your device or simply tap your mobile for access!

Main Features

  • Mobile access control
  • Supports online/offline modes
  • With black and white list features to enhance security and flexibility
  • Professional AES security encryption
  • Syncs access control data with attendance records through iPlatform
  • Mobile attendance and leave application
  • Flexible 30 annual holidays setting
  • 12 independent access control time zones
  • Electrostatic discharge protection