Intervex IoT Platform

Integrated’s new iPlatform IoT cloud solution brings together the connectivity of Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) and intelligent AI technology, giving rise to practical applications such as smart temperature and humidity controls, automated booking of meeting rooms, shared workspaces, lockers, office equipment, and the flexible management of resources like power sockets and WiFi access. The live status of all devices can be monitored on the cloud platform in real-time anywhere. By streamlining resource utilization, enterprises can reduce its greenhouse gas footprint substantially and cut down on excess resource consumption giving its staff a greener, more user-friendly and efficient working environment.

Intervex IoT Platform

System Highlights

Powerful Device Management

Manage devices online and export statistical reports.


Smart IoT Alert

Direct control of group authorization, alarm settings,real-time notification and intelligent power failure management all help to ensure user safety.


Intelligent Sync

Monitor and control from anywhere. All devices are just one click away.


Different kinds of scenarios

Reservation permissions, access control rights, lights,air-conditioning and other electrical devices can be controlled directly helping you achieve your safety and energy-saving objectives in one move.


Comprehensive security management platform

Seamlessly compatible with the iPlatform security management platform to meet all your security requirements such as access control, attendance, POS,CCTV, etc.




Infrared Remote Control             Smart Air Quality Monitor                Smart Gas Alarm