Biometric Readers


The DigiFACE EFR-T3 biometric reader integrates state-of-the-art facial recognition technology with Integrated’s reliable and versatile secured access control solutions. The DigiFACE ERF-T3 utilizes unique patented technologies such as RealFX and IdenFace3  which enable astonishingly accurate facial recognition identification with in-built dynamic AI learning and instant image logging capabilities. With its innovative engineering and patented technologies, DigiFACE EFR-T3 is one of the very few professional biometric solutions you can genuinely trust to be robust again image hacking, whether through 3D or realistic masks, color or infrared image hacking.


Key Features

  • Professional grade facial recognition identification built with patented technologies
  • Robust against image hacking through 3D masks, color or infrared image hacking
  • Dynamic AI learning technology which can learn user facial changes over time
  • Rapid facial authentication speed of 1 second
  • Extraordinarily precise 99.999% accuracy rate
  • Fully automatic user height detection and accommodates 60+/- cm height differences
  • 4 mega-pixel input on both visible and infrared spectrums
  • Can store up to 100,000 users and 300,000 image logs
  • Firewall protection